December 12 2013 Thursday at 03:53 PM

On Craigslist: Perhaps the Most Ridiculous Yet Still Compelling Craigs Car Ad Ever

Amazing! This car practically crashes itself! If the photos are to be believed, it would appear that has an almost magnetic attraction to barriers.

From the ad:

After you can put some Hella flush Chinese wheels on it and a poorly made body kit (maybe plastidip it, or murder dat shit out dawg)and hit the streets in $tLy3 D00dZ. If you love doing Burn outs this car was made for you. Just yank that emergency brake and throw me that paper bag of cash.

Call or text 1(818)XXX XXXX ask for Driftmonster

Ask for Driftmonster! Intrepid readers will scroll down to catch a glimpse of the monster himself!


On craigslist, no affiliation.


Why be a driftmonster? Well, I'm not saying the above LS1 powered RX-7 has 900HP, but I believe the video above explains the dream.