December 12 2013 Thursday at 05:29 PM

Recommended Services & Sources, Update: Fosselman's Ice Cream



Ice Cream

Fosselman's Ice Cream

1824 W. Main St., Alhambra, CA 91801

Peter - "Fosselman's Ice Cream has been making their own ice cream for nearly 100 years. As opposed to the boutique ice cream makers that out-clever themselves with novelty flavors like Malted Ziptie and Dishwater Chip, Fosselman's does it right with classic flavors like super fresh tasting peach and excellent mocha almond fudge. And they don't stand on some minimalist principal of their scoop being too precious to be sullied with hot fudge, as Fosselman's makes a variety of sundaes, cakes, sandwiches and novelty clown cones. Fun and closer than you think."


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