December 22 2013 Sunday at 05:50 PM

Hey Buddy! Merry Christmas! Sorry to Wake You!

I was chopping wood (Hi Charlie!) and accidentally unearthed this little fella. I turned over an old stump (Hi Aaron!) and he was nestled between layers of decaying bark.

We can all agree that the Alligator Lizard is the worst lizard in LA County. They are ugly, with snake-like heads. What works for a snake, looks yucky on a lizard. Also, they are ornery and tend to bite. Also, the way they move is unattractive. And, they are often found in the worst sort of places, like around apartment building trash cans or in the garage under a Rubbermaid tub.

But, there he was, all cold, super slow, mid-hibernation mode, kinda pathetic and I thought, "hey, fella, you aren't so bad." An Alligator Lizard! Gad zooks! I am filled with Christmas spirit is the only explanation for this charitable view of Los Angeles County's worst lizard. I tucked him back in and wish him the best.