December 26 2013 Thursday at 12:25 PM

1931 Pierce Arrow Land Speed Record Car?

As insane as it sounds, if this was a land speed record car, if you could find a single, period photograph of it, it would be worth many multiples of the $75,000 being asked.

Much internet nerdery and fist pounding about what it is and what it ain't. Not unlike proving the provenance of your thrift store Pollock.

From craigslist:

As seen on American Pickers TV show. 1931 Pierce Arrow land speed record race car built between 1931 and 1933 and sent to Daytona Beach to attempt the land speed record. Possibly built by Preston Tucker during his employment with the Pierce Arrow motor car company from 31-33. There are dozens of articles and internet posts about this car. Just Google it. This car is an automatic ticket to Pebble Beach and some of the Worlds premier car events. It won a huge crystal trophy at the St. Petersburg Festival of Speed for the American Racing Spirit Award shown in its as-found condition. The car is complete and solid with the exception of the plastic body skin. Other photos show the car covered in aluminum foil so the shape and body design can be seen. This was also the first car built with a plastic body. Most of the plastic has deteriorated and that's why it appears as it does today. This is s historic car and one of only a handful of genuine pre-war land speed race cars in existence.

My opinion, which, please remember, is free is that I don't think this looks like a race car.

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