January 03 2014 Friday at 12:57 PM

Aaron's Bikes, For Sale: Hetchins, Schwinn Paramount Step-through, Cuevas, Jack Taylor, Klein Quantum Pro, REW Reynolds Touring, and Somec!

UPDATE: We list Aaron's bikes last summer, but as the old blog went away, we thought we would re-post. Also, a few sold since then.

Our buddy Aaron is opening the vaults and selling some super cool bikes. These bikes are not affiliated with Coco's - just passing along the info for Aaron. The bikes are not at Coco's. Contact Aaron directly. 
Aaron is reachable here

HETCHINS Vade Mecum 1969  serial # H9062 I bought this frame, which had been repainted, and built it up. Gorgeous rose color, beautiful detail, straight chain stays, all Cinelli and Campy NR and Valentino. 59 cm c-c seat tube, 57 cm top tube $1500

SCHWINN Paramount step through -- a bit of an oddball, this is a top of the line Paramount from 1967 that I was interested in as a city bike. The bad news is there are odd wear spots in the dark brown paint that were on the bike when I bought it, and I can't explain. On the other hand, it is a very classy upright bike, with chrome lugs, lug lining and striping, white fenders, high flange Campy hubs, Weinman brakes, Nitto Technomic stem, bar end shifters, Campy cranks and derailleurs. Seat tube 61 cm c-t. $850

CUEVAS signature model, purchased from Mike Fraysse who still works for the family. Mike told me this was the last bike built by Francisco, for his grandson, before he retired to Spain--around 1990. Hand cut lugs, bb, dropouts, etc. Fabulous paint. 61 cm c-c seat tube; 57 cm top tube. $1500

JACK TAYLOR Tour of England serial # 7190 which I believe dates it to 1971; original orange paint with white box lining, 'Mondrian' decals, all Campy NR, Silca pump, 24" c-c seat tube, 22.5" top tube, $1200

KLEIN Quantum Pro 2000, the top model that year, luminous white and gray, very light and quick aluminum frame, 9 sp Dura Ace, Klein fork, stem, integrated headset 60 cm seat tube, 59.5 cm top tube $1600

REW REYNOLDS A beautiful touring bike in burgundy with coordinating Bluemel fenders, chrome lugs, white lug lining. Reynolds was and is a shop, no relation to the tubing manufacturers, and the frames were reportedly (with good authority) made by the highly regarded Woodrup shop. All Campy; stitched leather bar tape. Seat tube 62 cm, top tube 57 cm $1500

SOMEC (Societa Mechanica) Very snazzy Italian racer in dark burgundy with lots of yellow trim and details including pantographed shift levers, panto'd fork crown, chrome fork and stays. This bike dates from the '90s and is in excellent condition, including a beautiful Campy C Record gruppo, 3t handlebar and stem, and Selle San Marco Rolls saddle. Seat tube 61 cm c-c, top tube 59 cm $1100