January 20 2014 Monday at 04:18 PM

Ride Report: Newhall to Upper Castiac

As long time readers of the blog remember, I used to post ride reports fairly often. For a host of reasons, I have been off the bike for months save for the occasional, casual 10 milers. While still shaking off the remnants of a cold, I am back. I am weak but out there.


Ample mountain biking opportunities scouted. I think this is where Damon raced last summer.



Tough to beat bike in lunch location. #nofilter! Next time, I am going to bring sandwiches. Place was nearly vacant, despite being MLK day. It was windy but 75 degrees. Really lovely.


There were some folks fishing - both from the shore and little boats. This guy is doing it right.

I rode to the spot marked lifeguard station. Soon, I will be back with MTBFever to cowabunga on these trails!