January 23 2014 Thursday at 06:50 PM

Milton Berle's Joke Files Sell at Auction for $64,500

Seems cheap!

Milton Berle's Joke File
2 large upright catalogue files (48 x 18 x 24 in.), and two small filing cabinets (12 x 6 x 24 in.), each containing thousands of jokes typewritten on 3 x 5 in. cards and indexed by subject. Together with 6 banker's boxes of loose joke file material, including cue cards and other related items.

Meticulously maintained by Berle over the course of his long career, the "joke file" was considered by him to be the most valuable resource in his office.

The filing cabinets are an unlimited mirth machine as you would forget the jokes in Cabinet 1 Drawer 1 by the time you reached Cabinet 2 Drawer 8.

Of course, the bummer is getting the miscellany in the 6 banker's boxes. That would feel like a burden - much too good to get rid of, but can't compare to the tidy cabinet archive. A joke pulled from a banker's box is a full 50% less funny than a joke pulled from a perfect, wood grain drawer. I would immediately trade the banker's boxes for scotch and cigars so that I could better enjoy the cabinets. 

At auction, already over, no affiliation.