January 29 2014 Wednesday at 05:44 PM

Coco's Inventory Update: Exceptional Raleigh Superbe

Very, very, very nice and highly optioned Raleigh Superbe with dymo front hub. Front and rear lights - front works, rear doesn't. Correct rack. Has a nice pump. Sturmey Archer 3-speed works great. New Kenda tubes and tires. New Koolstop Continental brake pads - the best brake pad for a steel rim. Lovely vintage Brooks sprung saddle. Extremely clean Miller bell. Original grips. New looking pedals that look like they are from Taiwan. Excepting the pedals and consumables (tubes, tires, et al,) I think everything else is made in England. Locking front fork - Jon says there is a guy in England that will cut you a key based on the lock number. Clearly a labor of love refurbishment.

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