February 01 2014 Saturday at 12:40 PM

Coco's Inventory Update: Celeste Green Bianchi and a Univega for Commuting

Very nice Bianchi in the magic color - celeste. And a practical Univega. The Univega offers a very similar ride to the Bianchi, so why so much more for the Bianchi? It has collector value, which means we paid more for it and took the refurbishment further. For example, rather than getting the standard good quality Kenda tires, the Grizzly is shod with Panaracer Paselas. Ritchey grips instead of XLC. We put more time into it, used higher quality components as the bike deserved it and we knew it would sell for more.
Want a bike that the fellas at the coffee hut will oh and ah over and tell you about their Bianchi that they had in the 70's? Buy the Bianchi.
Prefer a lower profile and just a want a great riding bike? Buy the Univega.