March 09 2014 Sunday at 04:38 PM

JPL Canyon Trip Report - Post-Storm

210, exit Windsor, go North, park in the lot on the left side when Windsor ends and ride through the gate.


This is where Angel and I started mountain biking about 1 1/2 years ago. We have seen dramatic changes over that time. The big rains of a couple weeks ago devastated the trail in the bottom of the canyon. In some spots, the creek and the trail traded places. As Angel does not currently have a mountain bike, he did it on his Redline cross bike. That is some hardcore path picking! In the past, we could get up the canyon in 35 minutes and blast down in 15-20 minutes. Today, it took an hour and half round trip as we were carrying our bikes much more than normal. Still super fun, but I wouldn't say it is a top trail right now. The good part - the pool at the top under the waterfall is super clear and clean right now. Also, animals. Quail, lots of early season lizards and a - reported - 8" salamander. The top amphibian.