April 04 2014 Friday at 06:00 PM

Coleman Lanterns

I recently thought, Coleman lanterns. Where are mine? How many do I have? Are they in perfect operating condition?
I found them, they were scattered around the shop. They have been consolidated to a single location. Four, not an embarrassment of riches. And they were in far less than ideal condition. Lacquered gas, decomposing packing on the valve, carboned generators, leaking fuel cap gaskets, dried out leather plungers, etc.
Do I have enough? Not quite.
Primus Lantern - Not mine
I am barely looking for Coleman, Primus and other white gas lanterns. They are an ever-present garage sale item, so I am looking to pay very little. If it was a really nice, older, chrome, brass, mica or some such lantern that could be demonstrated as functioning, I might pay as much as $30. I realize it is a pittance, but as I already said, I have four which satisfies most lantern needs. Would I really only pay $30 for the Primus above? Nah, I'd go a little more.