May 30 2014 Friday at 03:58 PM

Coco's Inventory Update: A Sad Tale of an Incredibly Uncomfortable Chrome Mountain Bike

This is a sad ass tale about Raleigh making a mountain bike that was virtually unrideable. We are SUPER into vintage chrome mountain bikes. And we really like the mountain tour Raleigh. But this little jerk was a beast. It is a 24" wheeled bike, with a super long top tube and bullmoose bars. It was supremely uncomfortable.
The above photo was the original configuration. True refurbishment to the original build. Knobbies, blue bear trap pedals, bullmoose, Oury grips, 3x7. We finished it and there it sat for months. Eventually, we put a narrow-ish Wald city bar on it with a steel Wald stem. There are limited options for a bike that had a 1" bullmoose. And it sat some more. The bike was really short and really long. Low standover with a really loooong frame.
I was really thinking about just parting it out, but we threw everything at it again. Rebuilt it from scratch again. Change to a single Sugino 46 chain ring on a road crank. Swapped on a much light set of 24" wheels off a little Rockhopper. Changed the rear derailleur to a used Shimano with a SRAM MRX grip shift. Brown saddle, shellac'd cork grips. City tires instead of knobbies. Rubber block pedals instead of the bear traps. Much wider Wald bar with more sweep back.
Now it is right. Comfortable, attractive and, frankly, what we should have done from the beginning. It was so clean and original, we brought it back to stock but it was a bike nobody wanted as it just didn't work.