July 10 2014 Thursday at 06:15 PM

Coco's Inventory Adventure Report: 6 Crusty Bikes Pulled from 50 in Downtown Los Angeles Basement


Fellow called and said that he bought a historic building in downtown Los Angeles and the basement was filled with rusty bikes. We pictured a basement full of Cinelli and Masi track bikes, but of course it wasn't. It was a real deal, time capsule, true barn find situation. The newest bikes were from the 1960s, with most in the 1950's. I bought 6 and left about 50 behind.

I am selling these for $75 each, as I think it would be cool to see them back on the street. If they don't sell - and I expect they won't - they will go into our studio rental inventory.


All six for $300, which would barely cover the time and money that we have into them. No dickering on price, but we would take trades.


Our want list.