October 30 2013 Wednesday at 05:52 PM

Big Load of Tires and Tubes to Crumb Rubber for Recycling



Largest load yet! 800 pounds of used tubes and tires. I am getting better at packing the truck.

Some key learnings if you are considering recycling tires and tubes at your bike store:

  • It will cost you. Mostly in storage, gas and time, but Crumb Rubber also charges. This load was $17 and change. 
  • Clip old tubes. Even a little air will greatly increase volume for packing. 
  • Try not to clip slime tubes.
  • Remove tubes from tires. They compress easier. 
  • Load tubes first as they nearly self level like they were liquid. 
  • Stack tires on top, stand on to compress, fill gaps with more tubes and smaller tires. 
  • They don't really want to fly out, but I lash with straps. 
  • Break law. It is illegal to transport used tires without a hazardous waste permit. 
  • Have lunch in Compton. It softens the blow that you spent half a day dealing with used tubes and tires.