Ex-Rental Bianchi City Bike


 Coco's used to rent bikes by the hour but we have stopped that service as insurance prices climbed.

We have refurbished our ex-rental fleet. We maintained them at a high level, but we wanted them to be as fresh as any of our other blue tag bikes - with a few exceptions:

- Water Bottle cages - our refurbs don't usually have water bottle cages. They are used, but functional.

- Rear racks - our refurbs don't usually have racks. They are used, but functional.

- Schwalbe Marathon tires - our refurbs usually have a basic, quality, name brand $20 tire but our rentals had the superior $42 Marathon tires as we really didn't want our renters to get flats. Rather than replacing $42 tires with a new $20 tire, we kept the used tires as they are better and have a lot of life left in them.

We had a fleet of 7 men's and women's bikes, but they have not all been refurbished yet, though you are welcome to come and see if we have one that would fit and get your name on it. Photos are representative of the first ones done and that particular bike may have been sold.


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type: BICYCLE by: Bianchi
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