Bianchi Torino Dama


The Torino Dama is a lovely women's bicycle. Most city bikes at this price point are super-squishy, mush machines with a suspension front fork and suspension seat post. Of course, a suspension fork makes tons of sense for mountain biking, but on the streets it just adds weight and complexity. Plus, they are ugly and you can't really mount a sturdy basket on suspension bikes. This is a legitimate bike. 

    The Bianchi Torino is a step up from the Cortina city bike. It is the same frame but is a more serious, sporting bicycle with the following upgrades:

    • an adjustable stem, if you want to adjust to a more agrressive or more upright riding position
    • trigger button shifters instead of the gripshift
    • narrower, less squishy saddle

      Available in 38, 42 CM and 50 CM. 

      Comes in Blue, Celeste Bianchi Green and Cream


      Brand new bike, full Bianchi warranty. Full specs and measurements at Bianchi.

      Not internet-buy-able, not shippable. Must be picked up at Coco's, fully assembled and tested.

      type: BICYCLE by: Bianchi
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