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"Let's Talk about Love and Stuff" Redwood 4' x 4' Raised Beds


Raised beds made in Alhambra by our man @bobdornberger. These are custom made to our specifications by Bob.

  • Con Heart Redwood - this means that it is from the heart of the trunk, without the lighter, softer, white sapwood that is at the perimeter of the trunk. Also means fewer knots.
  • Blind Fasteners - galvinized nails from inside means no exposed fasteners.
  • No Assembly - completely ready to party - just add dirt. Each holds half a cubic yard.
  • Hardware Cloth Floor - the bottom of the raised bed is lined with galvinized hardware cloth to protect against gopher damage but still allow free drainage

You can purchase online and pick up at the store. Give us a call first and then we can arrange to meet you at our back gate to help you load in your truck.

Delivery is possible at an additional charge - email your address to cocosvarietystore@gmail.com and we can give you a quote for delivery.

These can not be shipped.

These are a premium offering with a ten year life. The materials alone were $158 per bed. Keep your money local - Coco's Variety, Bob Dornberger and an independent lumber yard in Culver City.

Depending on demand and desires, we are considering a 3' x 3' Douglas Fir bed that would be about $100 cheaper with a projected life span of 4+ years.

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