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Bicycle - Serrus Constructeur City Bike from Epinel France


Serrus city bike from Epinel, France. Handmade constructeur with Maxi-Car drum brakes, Simplex 3-speed, Wolber rubber/canvas saddle and zeppelin fenders. I love the golden era of French handmade bicycles from the likes of Alex Singer and Rene Herse, but this bent example is in the budget.

Front end accident pushed in the frame, but the fork is fine, the bike is made of gas pipe and it still tracks true. I am tall and it is hard to find these bikes in large sizes - measures 58 across the top.

Years ago, I potato chipped the rear wheel, so we rebuilt with stainless spokes. Also, swapped the seat post to get the saddle high enough. I am sorry about the Schwalbe Marathons. I will source some period-ish 28 x 1.5 and run Mr. Tuffys.

Trainspotters will note the bars are not adjustable in the stem. I purchased this bike years ago from @velocult when they were moving to Portland. I’ve always dreamed of having an Alex Singer porteur built for me but this is a lot of the fun for pocket change chewing gum money. 🇫🇷

Photo of head badge and original advertising envelope are not mine. I found the images here.

Private collection. Not for sale. Interesting trades considered. Always interested in handmade French bicycles.

type: BICYCLE by: Serrus
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