Linus Dutchi 3


Vintage city bikes are beautiful but they are often mercilessly heavy. The Dutchi 3 has the classic upright riding comfort of traditional Dutch bikes but weigh a fraction of the old bikes from Europe. With a lightweight chrome moly frame, alloy rack and metal fenders, the Dutchi is an ideal city bike for farmer's market runs and hauling cheap wine from Trader Joe's.

If you live at the top of Commonwealth, you might consider the more expensive Dutchi 8 speed as the increased number of gears assures you arrive at the party fresh. Frugal flatlanders opt for the Dutchi Single, but without hand brakes or gears, the Single is really only sensible for casual boardwalk and bike path riding.


Available in:

medium size with 700 wheels
small size with 26" wheels


Brand new bike, full Linus warranty. Please call for current size and color availability.

Not internet-buy-able, not shippable. Must be picked up at Coco's, fully assembled and tested.

type: BICYCLE by: Linus
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