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All-City Super Professional 700C Apex 1


I wouldn't say that at $1650 the Super Professionals are cheap but they have many features that don't appear on steel bikes until you get into the custom realms. Trick rear drop outs allow single spped or geared operation. We have single speeds in 58, but these are 1 x 11 SRAM Apex.

From All-City - "
Elegant Super Commuter. Informed by our famed cross geometry to be fast, responsive, agile, and capable on mixed terrain, the Super Professional is a full-on everyday destroyer loaded with mounts for racks, fenders, two bottle cages, and all the versatility commuters and daily riders demand."

We have 52 and 55, but they ride bigger than that sounds. the 52 has a 55 CM top tube and the 55 has a 56.5 CM top tube.


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