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Brand New 2022 Fairdale Ridgemont


This is very similar in spec to the Lookfar, but it has a BMX style bar and a wider, squisher knobby tire. This is a great bike if you think you might do some mild off roading. It's doesn't have the gearing to get up big dirt hills, but would be fine on mild, flatter trails.

A good choice if you want something more rough and tumble for city streets. This is not a bike to be jumping on but potholes and occasionally rolling off curbs is going to be handled better than on a Lookfar with the narrower, harder tires.

Small/Medium 5' 2" - 5' 8"
Medium/Large 5' 6" - 6'

These have just gone up to $739 retail. 

type: Bicycles by: Fairdale
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