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Salsa Fargo - Mega-Off-Road Tourer


If you are looking for a radical bike packer - it's here. Mega-offroad touring.

From Salsa


Fargo Apex 1 is Salsa’s drop-bar off-road touring bike built to shatter limits. Ride it on singletrack, gravel, or other places you wouldn’t take your standard touring bike. A triple-butted steel frame and huge tire clearance provide cushion on rugged roads. Alternator dropouts allow for any drivetrain you can imagine, and cargo mounts let you carry enough to go days between resupplies. SRAM’s Apex 1 drivetrain is a reliable workhorse with the range for many adventures.


Medium 5' 8" - 6'
Large 5' 11" -  6' 3"




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