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Salsa Journeyman 650b Flatbar - Claris Group


Probably no better deal right now for a Swiss Army Knife of a bike. Commuting, a little dirt, fire roads, grind the gravel, light credit card touring on a Salsa Journeyman.

As of January 3rd, we have three in stock. Small, Large and Extra Large.

This being Claris, has the aluminum fork. We have five of these bikes in orange:

This is the fat tire version with aluminum fork.

From Salsa:

Journeyman Claris 650 Flat Bar is a versatile all-road bike that provides maximum comfort and confidence on a variety of terrain. Wider 650b tires let you take on rough roads with extra stability and traction, while flat bar handlebars lend a more upright and familiar body position.


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