Raleigh Super Course Road Bike with Brooks Cambium Saddle and Bar Tape - BRAND NEW!


Coco’s BY THE POWER OF CAMBIUM Inventory Update: super cool, brand new Raleigh Super Course - Women's Specific.

Brand New! Close Out Price!

Women Specific - narrow bar, wider saddle, smaller bike.

Surprisingly well thought out, tasteful and high spec for the money. Looks great, feels great. New Claris better than old 105? 4130 CrMo frame, Brooks Cambium saddle and bar tape, nice double wall silver wheels, Clement 700 x 28!

As @diggidydylan says, “ your entry level road bike dollar sure goes further than it used to!”

52 CM in sky blue, 50 CM in dark blue

Full warranty, authorized dealer. $675 or $625 with a standard saddle. #notrichjustrad


type: BICYCLE by: Raleigh
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