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Bianchi Via Nirone 9-Speed


The 9-speed Via Nirone Sora is a few notches higher than their entry level Claris equipped road bike. The 2014's have hydroformed aluminum tubing and a full 9-speed drivetrain. For the extra $120 over the entry level Via Nirone, you get a 9-speed bike instead of an 8-speed and the overall quality of the components is higher - especially, noticeably, in the Sora shifter. If you expect that you are going to 'get serious' this model will last longer before the inevitable upgrade 10/11-speed carbon.

A really nice entry level road bike for the price of a KHS or Giant, but with the legendary Bianchi heritage and design. "They are all the same! They are all made in Taiwan or China!" That is true, they are made in China, but Bianchi has been desigining cutting edge bikes for 100 years and the technology from the high end stuff does inform the lower priced models. And, we would be lying if we didn't admit that the Bianchi brand name is terrifically more sexy than those corner bike store brands. Something to consider when you think about selling and upgrading to a full carbon bike in a couple of years. A lot easier to sell than a KHS.

Brand new bike, full Bianchi warranty. Full specs and measurements at Bianchi.

Not internet-buy-able, not shippable. Must be picked up at Coco's, fully assembled and tested.



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