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Specialized Stumpjumper Sport


The bike that started it all. A very early, biplane fork Stumpjumper Sport. These are very nice bikes and Coco's has to admit that we have a soft spot for these early top of the line mountain bikes. Very well made, great components. Fun on road and off. Jon's daily rider is a Stumpjumper with a Nitto/Riv bullmoose. I think this is a 1983, but judge for yourself at Mombat.


This bike arrived with a more modern black steel stem and flatbar, so we changed to an upright Kalloy version of a Dirt Drop/Periscopa and more of an Albatross-y city bar. Rides wonderfully in this condition. New Town and Country Continentals, saddle, grips, cables and housing. Totally ready to ride.


This bicycle has been refurbished to the Green Tag standard. For more on Coco's color coded refurb standards, click. Has a full one year warranty.

Coco's is a local bike shop, primarily selling local bikes. Dis-assembly, packing and shipping adds a hefty $150.
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