Torker Interurban

$450.00 was $679.00

UPDATE: We have sold hundreds of Torker Interurbans but we are distressed to report that Torker will stop making the model and are not replacing it with another bike. We are on the hunt for a bike that delivers the value and comfort, but I don't think we will find anything at this price point. As of September 23rd, we have four 44 CM and two 52 CM. Call for latest info.

Were $679, now $450 for remaining stock

Perhaps you don't like the aesthetic of new bikes with their logos plastered like billboards from tip to toe. It can be rather NASCAR like. The Torker is the anti-thesis of this aesthetic as the logo is so small and the colors so dark that I tease the Torker guys that their native Seattle mega-overcast is informing aesthetic decisions.

The Interurban is meant to be a city/commuter bike, though several of our customers have used them as junior touring bikes.

  • Steel - As opposed to stiff aluminum, steel frames have more flex. They are more comfortable, a little heavier, more durable and better at carrying weight.
  • Brifters - Shifting is integrated into the brake levers. This is KEY for comfortable commuting as your hands never have to leave the bars to shift.
  • Upgradeable/serviceable - As opposed to a big box or internet sourced bike, the Interurban is a real bike that is serviceable.

We have sold many, many Interurbans. Many of those folks have put thousands of miles on their bike.

Not internet-buy-able, not shippable. Must be picked up at Coco's, fully assembled and tested.

Full warranty, brand new.



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