Bicycle Store Employment Opportunities in Los Angeles

Coco's Variety is always interested in meeting like minded individuals that are making a (sometimes lamentable) career choice to work in the bicycle arts. Sometimes, we hire these people. Always, we keep their resume on file to review of future opportunities. I am blessed to work with the best people that happen to be the best bike mechanics and would like to work with more.

We enjoy being around quality people of character and integrity. We appreciate being treated with grace and passion when we visit stores. These principles guide who we hire - people of character and integrity that share their knowledge and enthusiasm without ego or condescension. 

Sometimes, we hire experienced bicycle mechanics. They can overhaul Sturmey-Archer hubs, build bullet proof wheels, service Nexus hubs and have more than a couple years of bicycle store experience behind them. They understand the eccentricities of vintage French bicycles and recognize the modest pleasures of an old 3-speed. They apply cutting fluid liberally but not extravagantly and are always sure to wipe the excess. An experienced bicycle mechanic can strip to the frame, chase and face, check for straightness, repack, recable and rebuild. Can bleed brakes and overhaul suspension from all eras with speed and confidence.

Sometimes, we hire less experienced journeyman mechanics that can true wheels, build new bikes, complete basic tune-ups and have a couple of years of bike store experience, but probably more sales focused. 

Occasionally, we hire entry level mechanics that can prep used bikes for builds, clean things, stock the shelves with accuracy and help customers with grace and passion. have a couple of years of bike store experience, but probably more sales focused. 

Huffy to Colnago, Stronglight to Chicago Schwinn, we know they are not equal and what a boring world it would be if all bikes were equal. If you want to ride it, great! We want to fix it. If that ethos makes sense, then Coco's might be the place for you. Please us about other skill sets and interests. We are growing while other bike stores are contracting and your secondary skill sets may be of great interest. 



If Ten Bullets makes sense, then send a resume to cocosvarietystore at gmail. Tell us, are you interested in an entry level, journeyman or experienced  No DMs, no in-person drop by, no inquiries without a resume. Coco's is a dynamic environment, we take hiring super serious and we can't take you super serious while we are tuning a crying babies derailleur. Coco's is the squarest cool bike store around.

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