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XLC Cable and Housing Cutters for Bicycle Cabling Work


Amazon Prime XLC Cable and Housing Cutter

Sold by Coco's via Amazon $18.99 • In Person Coco's Variety $12.00

These are our shop cable cutters. All of these have been in daily use for years. From left to right:

Felco C7 - Swiss made

Pedro Cable Cutter

XLC Cable Cutter - Made in Taiwan, we bought 333 and are selling them in-store and through Amazon

Park Tool CN-10 Professional Cable Cutter

Frankly, we use all interchangeably and don't find a ton of difference between them.

The Park CN-10 is clearly the outlier here, with all forged handles and a couple of crimping dies. In my personal opinion, which is all I have, I don't feel that the housing end crimp die is small enough to get a good crimp. I will always use a set of diagonal cutters to crimp with two hard crimps. The ferrule crimp is perhaps useful to someone, but we don't see a lot of need to crimp a ferrule and a lot of reason to not overcrimp.

As seen, the handle latch is long gone and I wouldn't be surprised if we could get another from Park but it will probably remain as is and slightly annoying until we lose it in the bottom of the ocean.

Also, with the hidden spring in the hinge, it is the least effective of springing back open. In the photo, that is the natural resting state and the jaws are barely open. It is a minor quibble, to be sure, but as I have already stated that there isn't much difference, the minor quibbles are all we have. That could be a function of lack of maintenance and would probably benefit from being disassembled, cleaned up and oiled. Though that would be a fun project, but I think I prefer the external spring on the Felco, XLC and Pedro and would rather use the time for an even more fun project.

It appears that the Pedro and the XLC are the same tool with the minute exception that the XLC has some little plasti-dip style wings to protect your fingers from the spring. The Pedro and XLC logos have long since rubbed off the handles of both.

I really think the Pedro and the XLC are the same tool, made in the same Taiwanese factory. I wouldn't take the presence of more surface rust as any indicator of anything. I think the Pedro came from a bike store that closed and we bought their tools. It may have just been around longer or not as well kept.

Trainspotters will note the Felco jaws are a little thinner than the XLC/Pedro. Though there isn't a lot of need for marginally more clearance on most bike projects, one could envision a scenario where that thin-ness could pay off. The Felco is just a little more precise in manufacture.

If price were no object and a rich aunt was urging me to put a set of cable cutters on my Christmas list, I would chose the Felcos. But I don't have a rich aunt and I can't see paying over 3x the cost for the Felcos. I would select the XLC cable cutters, which is good, as we have 333 of them.


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