XLC Folding Bead 60 TPI Road Tires - Close-outs!


Amazon Prime XLC 700 x 25 Road Tires - Folding Bead

Retail $37.99 • Sold by Coco's via Amazon $24.99 • In-Person Coco's Variety $22.00

Another great close-out find. This is the tire that we put on all of our higher end road bikes. It is a nice and light folding bead tire that still has nice flat protection. It is a supple tire that rides nice with good cornering, despite having a flat protection strip embedded in the rubber.

It is a 60 TPI tire, which means the fabric that makes up the casing is 60 threads per inch. The finer the weave, the more supple the tire sidewall. Cheap tires can be as low as 15 TPI, but I doubt you will find anybody touting that statistic. A 120 TPI will be more supple, but will also be more prone to flats and more likely to drain your pocketbook.

 Personally, I don't ride anything narrower than 25c anymore. A narrower tire is more likely to flat, will deliver a harsher rider, will be more susceptible to getting stuck in cracks in the street and doesn't not corner as well due to a smaller contact patch. Conventional thinking was, narrower the tire, the less rolling resistance and the faster you will be. Modern tires are so much better and faster, that it is a rare individual that will benefit from a tire narrower than 25. Also, if you corner better, descend safer and feel more comfortable, I would suggest that you will be faster than the small difference of rolling resistance would offer.

Not a race tire, but it was $37.99, so a pretty decent tire. I would consider this an excellent training, everyday tire.

XLC Tires for 700c Road Bikes

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