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Used Bikes - Sold Out


We are very sorry to say we have almost no used bikes at this time. In the first week of the mandate, we sold everything we had. We have managed to complete one used bike approximately every two weeks as we are completely overwhelmed with repairs.

Also, as you can imagine, our sources for used bikes have vaporized as our collector friend / pickers are not going to garage sales or thrift stores.

When we get fresh stock of bikes - new or used - we send a Bike Alert! email. People can hold bikes for 48 hours when they see something they like. Most bikes are sold this way currently and we have limited standing stock. Subscribe here.

We are so sorry and afraid we don't have any recommendations. The good bikes on craigslist sold months ago and there is some real garbage out there right now. If you buy a used bike, our recommendation is to buy only buy immaculate bikes from the original owner.

We are averaging 8-14 days out for repairs.

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