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Cleary Owl 20" Kid's Bikes - Single Speed

Cleary Owl 20" Kid's Bikes - Single Speed

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We are Cleary dealers. If you are interested in a Cleary that you don't see on our website, reach out and we can see if we can order, assemble and have avialable for a test ride.

Cleary are exceptional quality bikes with all the features of a higher end adult bike, just smaller and lighter. Key aspect for kid's bikes is the weight. If you are an adult, a 30 pound bike may be a little cumbersome but for kid's, a bike half their body weight is nearly impossible to ride. Especially for new riders. 

These are brand new, full warranty bikes. 

Typically 44" - 52" height range for sizing. Kid's are different arms:leg:torso ratios just like adults, so the right fit depends on the kid and the bike. 

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