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Cleary Owl 20" Kid's Bikes

$385.00 was $425.00

UPDATE: As of June 19th, we are out of stock of Cleary Ows. All other Cleary's are out of stock at the store and at the distributor. Email cocosvarietystore@gmail.com for the latest news. 

We are Cleary dealers and have some Owls single speeds at the Nice Price. 

This is a nice alternative to woom 4s that are not available right now and not expected to be in stock until June.

We believe that woom are the best, most special and lightest kid's bikes. We also believe Cleary to be the second best and even superior in some ways for some people. For example, Cleary have models with Sturmey-Archer internal 3-speed hubs with trigger shifts.

These are brand new, full warranty bikes. 

More about the Owl here

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