Fairdale Lookfar - Great, High Spec City Bike


Bless Fairdale and their modestly priced, impressively spec’d Lookfar. I don’t believe you can buy a new commuter bike for under $600 that will handle true daily commutes. That said, the Lookfar comes close. If you compare to anything under $600, I don’t think you will find a bike spec’d better. Real FSA cranks and headset, Continental tires, SRAM X3. Fork is left long with lots of spacers to allow considerable sizing / ride preference options. Lowrider fork braze-ons. Why can’t we say it is commuter grade? You will smoke the wheels if not meticulously kept, trued, tensioned and cones adjusted. If you are light and carry no load, you may never have a problem. Mint and Black, $550. Brand new, full warranty.


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Warranty Info - 5 year Frame, 1 year Components - More info at Fairdale

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