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Linus Dutchi 8


The Dutchi 8 is the most versatile, the best commuter, the easiest to ride up hills and, naturally, the most expensive. The Nexus 8 speed hub does add weight, but it is well worth it, as hill climbing is sooo much easier. The top of the line Dutchi 8 includes hand brakes, alloy rack and metal fenders.


It is a great investment as the bike is just so much more capable. You will arrive at your destination less sweaty, less winded and less whooped as you were pedaling easier than the folks on the single and 3 speeds.



Comes in sage, cream and black.

Available in:

medium size with 700 wheels
small with 26" wheels


Brand new bike, full Linus warranty. Please call for current size and color availability.

Not internet-buy-able, not shippable. Must be picked up at Coco's, fully assembled and tested.


type: BICYCLE by: Linus
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