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Nintendo M8 - Demo Kiosk from Retail Store


Never sold to the public, the Nintendo M8 was used as a demo system in retail stores. This machine is in excellent cosmetic condition and is functioning without issue. It was used in a home - not a commercial environment. The family that I got the unit from stated that two family members worked for Nintendo and it was a gift in the 1980's. A very cool and rare item that I was intending to keep as an investment, but I have been buying too much lately and need to reverse the flow of cash.

In addition to the 15 games built in, there is a very simple attract mode that urges shoppers to select a game and press start. Attract mode is selected with button 16.

The built-in games are Tennis, Baseball, Soccer, Golf, Donkey Kong Jr. Math, Wild Gunman, Hogan's Alley, Duck Hunt, Wrecking Crew, Excitebike, Kung Fu, Super Mario Bros., Ice Climber, Pinball and Clu Clu Land. The last slot is for the aforementioned attract mode.

The M8 has been hooked up to a tube TV and flat screen. I connected a F-type cable to the M8 and then direct to a tube TV set. The Zapper gun works perfectly and I was able to kill ducks. I ran a RCA cable to a modern flat screen TV, but the TV did not have a regular composite in - it has a split video signal. It worked, but the color was off.

The red button on the front of the unit works perfectly and selects the games. I can see no flaws to the main Nintendo Entertainment System decal. The overlay decal for the games also appears to be excellent. The LED does light next to each game when selected.

Both controllers are in very good condition - 8+. There are some very minor scratches and marks and the raised lettering on the reverse is a little dirty. The Zapper also is in very good condition - 9. On the console itself, on the underside, the Zapper has the original strain relief but the strain reliefs are missing for the other controllers.

The back panel has an RF out F-type connector. In the photo, it appears a little loose and cockeyed, but I have since tightened the inside retaining nut and it is straight and solid. 

Also on the back panel, there is a Play Time Limit switch. This is the one function that I didn't test. When I opened the M8, I saw that the switch was disconnected. The family had told me they disconnected so they could play as long as they wanted.

Next to the Play Time Limit are Audio/Video RCA outputs. Both were tested and worked, with the caveat that the video color was off but that is believed to be a TV incompatibility issue.

Original power cord is present though the third prong ground is missing and one of the blades is a little bent. These issues do no interfere with function.

There are two fuse holders and a power switch.

There is a label on the reverse that says "No 009137".

The rear panel has some scratches (shown in pictures.)

The top of the case is held on by 8 square head security screws.  3 of these screws are MISSING. When closed top after photos, I put one screw at each corner on the sides and one on the top.

The plastic top/lid/case is in good condition, but not perfect. Overall, it looks excellent and is very presentable. There is some discoloration where the battleship grey plastic has yellowed some what to a more brownish tone. It is more pronounced on the front panel around the controllers and game selection pad. The interior pockets for the game pads, the back 3/4 of the top of the case and the case sides show much less discoloration.

There are numerous black marks on the outside of the case. I have taken photos of the worst of them, but I have not comprehensively detailed every mark. These are really pretty minor. The worst of it is on the interior of the left game pad pocket.

Frankly, the case is dirty. The texturized plastic means it has captured some dirt. I wiped with rubbing alcohol with limited success. If I were keeping it, I would inquire on Nintendo boards on the sanity of using a toothbrush and diluted ammonia. I think that would make a big difference.

There are 4 CRACKS that I have found in the case. All are pictured.

  1. On the right rear of the case, on the top corner, there is a small crack shorter than 1" of an inch.
  2. On right rear of case, on the side, a very small crack forming.
  3. On the front left of the case, near the security screw, there is a very small crack of less than 1". It is less visible than crack #1.
  4. On the left rear of the case, on the top corner, there is a very, very small crack forming.

The underside is in good condition. There are minor scratches. There is a FCC sticker that has some wear. All the rubber feet are present, though they do have cracks.

Interested parties will likely know more about the construction and hardware than I, but I will relate what I see.

The interior of the unit is extremely clean. With the exception of the timer cable, all wiring looks clean, original and connected.

From the left to right:

There is a folded sheet metal that extends over the unit. I suspect the intention was to put a tv/monitor on top and this metal brace was to help support that weight.

At the rear, the power supply is clean and looks to be original and not monkeyed with. The left label is lifting slightly.

The controller cables appear to be OE and connected to mated sockets. As shown in pictures, a few of the nylon clamps have come off the foam back tape.

There is an RF modulator/Composite and Audio out box. All cables look original.

The two major assemblies come next.

It appears the assembly at the front is a Nintendo complete with a cartridge slot.

The unit in the rear appears to be the unique hardware of the M8. Looking through the slots in the shielding, you can see orderly rows of chips that I assume are the ROMs for the included games.

As mentioned previously and as pictured, the timer wire is disconnected from the board. The male/female connectors are present and appear to be in excellent condition.

The white connector are the far right, lower corner of the rear M8 assembly is the connector that the lid/control panel plugs into. I carefully removed and replugged in the cable when photos were over.

I have tried to document the condition and function to the best of my ability.

The unit could be demo'd for serious buyers at Coco's Variety with notice.

Questions and corrections can be emailed to me at cocosvarietystore@gmail.com.

I do trade and my detailed want list is here, but I am more interested in cash due to my previously mentioned buying sprees. I am not interested in trading for other video game gear at this time.

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