Nishiki Burrito Slayer


A Burrito Slayer is a term used by Coco's Variety to describe a certain style of urban bicycle that is well suited to carrying a six pack and a burrito. For bar hopping and errand running, you need something not overly precious or complicated, but well engineered, comfortable and thoughtfully assembled from the parts bins.


This bike was a trade-in, completed in a similar fashion. We rebuilt and put about $200 in parts in to $260 dollar bike. We probably should have parted it out, as this is not a money maker for us. It was just too nice to not finish. And we are not capable of doing them quick and dirty. This takes more work than a $1000 bike.


All new stainless steel, pre-stretched cables

All new lined housing

New pedals

New stem

New Wald bars

New Wald basket

New brake levers

New grips

New KMC chain

New brake pads

New tires

New tubes

New saddle


Size, seat tube:  57 CM, center-to-center


This bicycle has been refurbished to the Blue Tag standard which includes a 30 day warranty. For more on Coco's color coded refurb standards, click.

Coco's is a local bike shop, primarily selling local bikes. Dis-assembly, packing and shipping adds a hefty $150.
type: BICYCLE by: Nishiki
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