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Speed & Custom Dealer Feb '75


Feburary 1975 - Thinner issue than others at 38 pages, Engine Accessories otherwise known as chrome geegaws

Great industry magazine offers an inside peak at the speed and custom equipment business before the words kustom and tuner were adopted as lifestyle descriptors. I have a bunch of these magazines listed so I am writing a single generic description, but every issue is filled with ads, articles and product listings from companies like Serco, Castrol, Douglas Headers, TRW, Edlebrock (single Vic), Kelsey, Judson, Hurst, Cal Custom, Holley, Honest Charley, Thrush, Hedman, Moon, Eelco, Crane, Weber, Holman and Moody (three locations!), Ansen, Crager, etc.

Great way to track down old speed shops, reps, manufacturers, racers, etc.

(These are not in the store. Call in advance if you want to see them.)

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