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woom 3 - 16" wheels for 4-6 year olds


As of June 19th, we have no woom 3s in stock. We are still buying and taking woom trade-in's, so it is possible that we will have used stock before then. If we get used  or new wooms, we will post on our Instagram account @cocosvariety.


Improve their riding skills

The woom 3 is all about offering a lower ride height in a lightweight, high-performance package for the growing rider. The low center of gravity of this comparably small triangle frame in conjunction with the high cockpit, a stable, good-natured geometry helps the children to further improve their riding skills. The bike has a front and rear V-brake and no coaster (foot) brake.

We sometimes have used woom bikes - either trade-in's at the store or we buy used bikes direct from woom.

  • No Assembly: Our professional bike mechanics have assembled and safety checked every bike we sell. After the primary mechanic is completed the build, a second mechanic double checks all work.
  • Ready to pedal: The 16” woom 3 is the perfect bike to improve riding and handling skills. Bike weight: 11.68 lbs; Designed for ages 4 to 6 years or overall height 41"-47”. Kickstand and Bell is optional
  • Safety: Front & rear hand V-brake with freewheel feature. Our color-coded proprietary brake levers are designed specifically for children
  • Key features: Light-weight aluminum frame, long wheel base for stable and safe straight-away riding, optimized for an upright riding position, Schwalbe tires handle a wide variety of surfaces
  • Cranks: Narrow and child-proportioned Q-factor. The length and width of the woom cranks are purposefully designed to match the ergonomics of a child. Optimal gearing ratio covers all riding styles and uses
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