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Updated April 2015



Though incomplete and ever-changing, we have attempted to assemble a list of the types of things we are currently buying at Coco's. The best way to gauge our interest is by emailing photos and descriptions. My name is Peter and you can email me directly at misterjalopy@gmail.com.


New and notable changes, structure and admin:

  • Editing - I continue to edit, re-order and clarify. Having updated the want list 20 or more times, one would think that typos would be long gone. Just not the case!
  • Wanted Card - As a physical extension of this list, I printed business cards explaining what we are looking for. When in Coco's Variety, you may want to pick one up for your wallet or perhaps under a magnet on your refrigerator. Since the time of printing, I have sourced 'the jacket' and, yes, I paid the $1000. More on that later.


New and notable changes, additions:

  • Swatch - G-Shock watches - I think it would be cool to have a couple of the early men's Swatches. Bias would towards very clean, working, bright colors. Also, a couple G-Shocks. I bought a G-Shock recently for $1, replaced the batteries and the bezel immediately crumbled off. Luckily, the bezels are available but my $1 watch quickly became a $20 watch. My interest is modest, I am patient and I am certain I will find some soon for $10-20

  • Vintage Vuarnet sunglasses - Leather sided mountaineering or regular period Vuarnets. Have to be clean.
  • Honda Elite CH150 - I recently bought a 1985 Elite, need some parts and would consider buying another one.
  • Old bicycles - In the past, we have not really dealt in pre-1960 bicycles. Occasionally, they would cross our path but we didn't know much about them and selling them requires specific knowledge. Well, that has changed. I still don't have the knowledge, but I have the interest. This is more of a personal quest than a commercial enterprise.
  • Old motorcycles - Like bicycles, I am interested in old motorcycles. Particularly pre-war. If you are into old bikes it is a very natural leap to be interested in EARLY motorcycles as there is so much overlap.
  • BMX - Also, another category of bicycles that I don't know a lot about personally, but my interest is peaked. Primarily interested in 26" BMX cruiser/strandies as Cicli Devotion has sold me on the merits of boardwalk wheelies. If you have a large BMX and BMX collection, we have some serious knowledgeable buyers that we can work with. There are some specific items I am looking for: a Mongoose double stem, a set of BMX cruiser bars gold ano and gold Araya/Araya-esque 26" hoops.
  • Kid's Bikes - In the past we have not focused on kid's bikes, but now we always have a line-up of clean, bike store grade kid's bikes.
  • Interesting Scooters and Mopeds - Mostly European, never Chinese.


New and notable changes, deletions:

  • Fishing - There is just mountains of fishing stuff at garage sales. Mountains! When I decided to start fishing again, I had 20 rods, 20 reels, 3 nets, a Cabelas vest and 10 tackle boxes within a couple weekends for close to nothing. I have more than I can use.

      We have relationships with the major bike distributors, so keep in mind that we are already getting wholesale prices.


      Coco's Variety is located at 2427 Riverside Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90039. We are one and a half blocks south of Fletcher. Our phone number is 323-664-7400.


      We Buy, Sell and Trade.

      Trade value always higher than precious cash out of our precious pockets.


      Actively seeking, bicycles:

      Actively looking for used modern bicycles and vintage bikes for resale. Can be dusty, flat-tired and requiring refurbishment but they must be salvageable. No rust buckets. Our greatest interest is in sub-60 CM road bikes, especially sub-55 CM road bikes. The following is a general guide; there are always exceptions.

      We don't buy bicycles from online retailers or big box stores like Amazon, Target and Bikes Direct.

      We very rarely buy cruisers, fixies, or heavy Chicago Schwinn ten speeds like the Varsity. Some exceptions, detailed below. 

      If you seek our most generous offer, take the time to clean bicycles and components. If it is a big cleaning/polishing job, our offered price will reflect the labor we will have to dedicate. 


      Bikes listed in descending order of our desire:

      Linus - We buy, sell and trade Linus bicycles. If you are selling a Linus, keep in mind that we are authorized Linus dealers so are already buying at wholesale prices.



      Low, Mid and High End Road Bikes, Modern - Most desirable for us would be modest steel and aluminum road bikes with flat or drop bar, Tiagra/Sora/2300/Claris-grade components and integrated shifter/brake levers (brifters.) Originally these would have cost between $500-$1200. Though slower to sell at Coco's, we are also seeking higher end, modern carbon road bikes. Originally these would have cost $2000+ and be equipped with 105, Ultegra, Force, Red, Campagnolo, DuraAce etc.


      Mid Grade Road Bikes, Downtube Shifters - Vintage, enthusiast quality European, Japanese, Taiwanese and American road bicycles. Lugged steel, aluminum or TIG welded frames. Typical brands to include Nishiki, Cannondale, Trek, Specialized, Bridgestone, Univega, Giant, KHS, Bianchi, Fuji, Centurion and Schwinn 'Lightweights' meaning lugged from Japan or Taiwan. Mid-grade aluminum Shimano, Suntour or Mafac components. Should have aluminum bars, stem and cranks. Stem bolt will be Allen head. Would have been sold by a quality/neighborhood bike store.


      Niche, Touring and Custom Bikes - We buy Brompton, Rivendell, Waterford, Surly, Salsa and similar urban/touring niche brands.



      After - had after market Scott fork which is included along with all original parts and a US made Blackburn rack


      Hardtail Mountain Bikes, Step-through Mountain Bikes  - We buy non-suspension, 'bike store' quality mountain bikes. Brands like GT, Bridgestone,  KHS, Cannondale, Gary Fisher,  Trek, Univega, Marin, Ritchey and Specialized. Some storied brands have fallen into the big box ghetto but we would still consider pre-2000 MTBs from Schwinn, Diamondback and Mongoose. Mid-grade aluminum components like Shimano and Suntour are common, where the finest of the era would be XT/XTR.  Should have aluminum bars, stem, cranks. Would have been sold by a quality/neighborhood bike store in the 1980's and 1990's.


      My personal Cinelli Tampatucco

      Keith Haring's Cinelli MTB


      These bikes have been a cornerstone of the Coco's commercial offerings and also stalwarts of the staff's personal fleets. For riding in the city, it is tough to beat a quality, long wheel base, full rigid classic mountain bike with smoother tires and a friendly, upright city bar. We sell modest Trek's with a Wald bar and dirt drop-style stem for modest dollars, but we also sell higher end builds on early Stumpjumpers, Bridgestones, Univegas and other cool MTB frames. We don't pay a ton for them, they are plentiful - though Cinelli, Stumps, Kleins, Bridgestones, Fat Chance, Yeti and Ritcheys will get our attention.

      Comfort/hybrid/straight-bar road bikes/commuters - We buy 'bike store' quality bicycles, meaning they were purchased in a bricks and mortar bike store. This would include Jamis, Marin, Masi, Bianchi, Fuji, KHS, Novarra, Trek, Specialized and Giant.



      High Grade Road/track bikes/touring bikes  - Vintage race quality European, Japanese and American road bicycles.  Lugged steel frame. Storied brands like Colnago, De Rosa, Masi, Pinarello, 3Rensho, etc. Top components - Campagnolo, Mavic, Modolo, Dura-Ace. Would have been imported and sold by a quality bike store like Helen's, Ted Ernst,  Yellow Jersey, Turin or I. Martin.


      Nexus internal hub bicycles - Newer internal hub bicycles like the Bianchi Milano, Electra Cruisers, Felt or Trek Soho.


      Drop bar, suicide lever mixtes can be wonderful with a North Road style bar, VO Levers and modest thumb, grip or stem shifters.


      Step-throughs  - We love Dutch-style bikes, mixtes, step-through single speeds and 10 speeds. We are especially interested in gorgeous European and Japanese mixtes. We love 3-speeds less and should be in solid condition. Coco's has a soft spot for quality, step-through mountain bikes as they make great city bikes. We are less interested in heavy Dutch single speeds.


      Kid's Bikes - Must be in great condition, garage kept and non-big box, i.e. came from a bike store not Target or via the mail.


      BMX bikes  - Modern and vintage. We are primarily interested in 24" and 26" bikes as I want to be able to ride them. We do buy 20" BMX, but we are mostly interested from a rider grade, bike store brand, solid bikes for kids. If you have an old BMX bike, parts garage or collection, do contact us as we have buddies that are honest, fair dealers.


      Old bikes - Pre 1960, especially pre-war, old American bicycles. Consider old bikes of any origin, but especially American companies. 


      Ten Speeds - College student quality European, Japanese and American road bicycles. Could be from a department store in the 1970's-1990's. Clunky. Common brands to  include Free Spirit, Schwinn, etc. Could have steel derailleurs, steel bars and steel stem. Bikes in this low-end range have to be in exceptional condition as a full refurb with much polishing/ replacing parts rarely makes economic sense.


      Schwinn - We buy Schwinn bicycles that are marked Made in Chicago. Racer, Breeze, Sting, King Sting, Paramount, etc.  We also buy Japanese and Taiwanese Schwinns - stepthroughs, World Tourists, Preludes, Premis, etc. We don't buy the heavy 10-speeds like Varsity and the older Le Tours.


      Fixie/Single Speeds  - We do buy commercially available bikes like the Bianchi Pista, the Torker U-District, or the Surly Steamroller. We do not buy Pure Fix or Micargi grade fixies. Also, we do not buy fixie conversions on road frames.


      First glance, doesn't look like much, but this was a cruiser we were VERY excited to buy


      Cruisers - We do buy Electra or Nirve, especially multispeed bikes. We will buy a very clean American made cruiser. We will buy Schwinn cruisers - but they have to be US made.


      Components  - 1960's -Current. Campagnolo, Mavic, Modolo, Dura-Ace, Shimano 105, 600, Ultegra, Chorus, Nitto, Suntour, Phil Wood, Brooks, Euro Asia and similar. Brake levers, calipers, saddles, handlebars, quill stems, cranks, chain rings, derailleurs, down tube shifters, seat posts, skewers, headsets, frames, forks, toe clips, pedals, tools, pumps, panniers and chain rings. It takes us a lot of time to clean, sort, finding missing bits, test, discover broken things we missed at time of purchase, price and bag. This is a long way of saying we are pretty frugal when buying parts.


      Suspension mountain bikes - We buy 'bike store' quality mountain bikes. Suspension components must still work.


      Vintage kid's bikes - Interesting children's bicycles and trikes that are in very good condition.


      Broken bikes - We will buy broken bicycles with frame damage, bent forks or missing  components to salvage for parts. The prices we pay for such bikes is a  fraction of that paid for complete bikes, as we are buying for parts value only and it requires significant labor to disassemble, sort and clean components.


      Pre-1960's bikes - We have a very limited market for these, but they are of interest to us personally. Frankly, we are new to this and learning with very cheap stuff like a pre-war JC Higgins stepthrough.


      Old Components - Pre-1960's. If somebody walked in with a Magistroni inch pitch track crank, we would perk up. It is just not our expertise, but we would buy it but it would need to be quite inexpensive.


      Muscle bikes (Stingrays) - We have a very limited market for these. Occasionally, we will buy these for our studio rental business. Condition is much more important than brand or rarity.


      Recent department store bikes  - Magna, Huffy, Pacific, Next, Mongoose, Iron Horse, Motiv, Jeep, Denali, K2 and Northrock are brands that we will not buy. We are not interested in bicycles that were sold at Target, WalMart, Costco, Big 5 or equivalent. Exceptions, there are some nice older Motivs and we will buy Huffy/Mongoose that pre-date Pacific Cycles takeover. We do not buy mail order or internet bikes like new Motobecane, Bikes Direct, Hollandia, etc.


      Fixie/Single Speeds and Single Speed Conversions - We do not buy single speed/fixie bicycles converted from road bikes. Also, we do not buy Pure Fix or Micargi grade DeepV bikes.


      Folding bicycles - We rarely buy folding bicycles. They would have to be perfect and cheap as they are slow to sell. Raleigh or Bianchi folding bikes would have to be in exceptional condition. The exception is Brompton. Jon has a Brompton and loves it. He bought it from a lead from this very Epic Want List.


      Rattle-can bicycles - We do not buy bicycles that have been painted with a spray can.


      New Schwinn - Categorically, we can't say that we won't buy a new Schwinn. They make some good bikes that are sold in reputable bike stores. However, most new Schwinns are sold at big box stores and are uneconomical to repair.


      Components  - We are not buying bar tape, cables, chains, tires, tubes, or tubulars. We don't buy parts that are beyond their useful life.


      Low rider bicycles - We don't have a market for these.


      Electric bicycles, Razors - We can't service these and, therefore, are not buying or selling them.


      Tandems, Trikes - We don't have space for tandems and trikes. For us to be interested, they would need to be very unique or old.



      We will take any bicycle on trade. Even bikes that are listed on the 'Not Seeking' list. This is a philosophical decision and practical approach.  We want people on bicycles and unwanted bicycles are not used. The fact that you have a bike that is uninspiring may be keeping you from moving on with your  cycling life. We want to remove that obstacle. So, even if it is an unsalvageable hunk 'o junk, we will give at least some money in credit for it, strip anything that we can use and responsibly recycle the carcass.



      We will take any bicycle as a donation. Even if it is completely shot and nothing is salvageable, we will accept unwanted bicycles and make sure that they are handed off to our trusted scrap metal recycler.


      Specifically seeking, not bike related:



      Race car - this is somewhat of a pipe dream, as I have limited time and budget. Needs to be street legal-ish, register-able. Ideally, I would like a non-original, missing engine, big block 1964-67 C2 Corvette. Solid car in period street or track racer trim. Could be interesting Euro. Could be a Porsche, like a 1974-75 Carrera. Must be pre-1976. My saving grace in this endeavor, is that I value characteristics that would shatter the value for most people - like a sheet metal dash studded with Stewart Warner gauges, interior stripped and non-matching numbers.



      Vintage G-Wagen - I have always wanted a 1980's G-class Mercedes. Except the cost, the truck pictured above is perfect in every way - split pea green, cloth interior, steel wheels. I have no doubt it is a fair price, as it really appears to be in exceptional condition, it is just beyond my means. A bit of sour grapes honesty, I do want to off-road the dickens out of it and I would hate putting on the first cresote bush scratches down the side.



      1980's Toyota 4x4 - Something like this Toyota that was on Bring a Trailer. Like the g-wagen, would prefer something dry, running and honest but it doesn't need to be perfect as it will be used as intended. Wheelin'.


      Parts for Scooter (1985 Honda CH150)

        • Left side rear panel - I have a scratched one, so I am looking for a good/very good condition red/maroon panel.
        • Hood - Same story as above
        • Complete Honda CH150/250 Elite scooter. Would be nice to find a CH150 with clean body but no title or seized motor to use as a donor for my current scooter.


        Parts for Big Red (1948 Chevrolet Panel)

        • Interior door handle
        • Passenger seat for Suburban or panel truck. Condition not important, but should be complete
        • LS369 plastic lens for after market Guide-style trailer lights - No Longer Seeking - Found



        Old Ford  - Pre-1950, particularly roadster, pre-'35. Recognizing that this is precisely what everybody else is looking for, I am will state that I am patient. Must be original Ford sheet metal. Half-completed projects welcome. Not interested in cars that have been rat rodded. No small blocks. Bone stock or mild hot rod, preferable. High boy only. Period speed equipment. Pre-1970 hot rod, performance, racing, car club, rallying.



        Old Motorcycles  - I'd like a little desert explorer like those listed above. I am also interested in pre-war and antique motorcycles.

        Recaro Spectrum Idealset C - I am looking for a pair of orange or blue spectrum Recaro seats. Would consider any Recaro with Spectrum fabric. Would buy singles. Prefer Los Angeles but it would be fine if you were willing to shrink wrap and take to Amtrak/Greyhound.


        Snap-on, Mac, Matco, bicycle tools - metric wrench set, screwdriver set, metric nut driver set - complete sets preferable. VAR, older Park, etc are desirable. We buy bicycle work stands. Also, older rock hammers.


        Cummins JetScan currency counter - will consider other "bank grade" counters. Must have ability to detect denomination change. FOUND - No Longer Looking

        (Thanks to Heavy Tweed Jacket for scanning this J-Mag)


        Abercrombie and Fitch patchwork safari jacket - not from the teen retailer, but the storied New York outfitter. As seen on Hunter S.  Thompson. Though I am size 42L, I would consider any size.  LL Bean made a similar Rainbow version, which would be acceptable. There is a very similar Neiman Marcus version from the 1970's that would not be acceptable.

        Since the time that I wrote the above paragraph, I have found a jacket. It found me, through the power of this want list. The jacket that I got (seen above) is from Kerr's Sport Shop in Beverly Hills. Kerr's holds a special spot in my heart, as I visited that shop several times in my youth and I found it to be a magical gateway to adventure. I am still looking for an earlier jacket than mine, from LL Bean or A&F, but my enthusiasm has slowed a bit. To pay another $1000 it would have to be insanely perfect, super early, from A&F. Would consider lesser jackets, but it would be at lesser dollars.

        Catalina or Catalina-style tile top tables - Especially with wrought iron bases but also like the wood base tables. Though the scenic tables are more valuable, I prefer the non-scenic tiles.



        Thrilled to find this recently


        Vintage Camping, Outdoor, Military - Have always sought and bought this sort of thing, but never considered putting it on the want list. Abercrombie, Kerr's Sport Shop, L.L. Bean. Primary interest would be pre-1970. I have a dozen Coleman lanterns, multiple stoves, etc. so I am really looking for the really old, really charming, still functional cool stuff. Also, store displays, signs and interesting advertising items related to same.


        Old Fishing and Camping Catalogs and Magazines - Pre-1950. Condition is not so important but low price is. I have been buying and enjoying Field and Stream and Sports Afield from the 1920's-30's. Have been paying $1 or $2 each, which is about my max interest level. Would pay more for old camping, fishing and outfitter catalogs from Abercrombie, L.L. Bean or Eddie Bauer.


        Guns - My interest in shooting is rekindled. Like my other interests, I am interested in older, usable stuff. Pistols, rifles and shotguns. Particularly, would like an older Browning lever action .22, a Smith & Wesson Mo. 36 or 37, skeet and trap shotguns and a black powder cannon. I like curious stuff like this rather extreme looking Hammerli match single shot pistol. Interested in gentleman's guns, not assault. Not interested in wall hangers, Glock, AR, derringers or Saturday night special brands.



        Ammo/Reloading - As I have started shooting again, I have been shocked to learn how expensive ammo is. Specifically, I would be looking for 300 Weatherby Mag, .22, .44 Mag, .44 Special and .45 Auto. Would consider other ammo. Would consider big lots of reloading stuff, equipment, brass, etc. though it would have to be very inexpensive.


        Fishing - There is just mountains of fishing stuff at garage sales. Mountains! When I decided to start fishing again, I had 20 rods, 20 reels, 3 nets, a Cabelas vest and 10 tackle boxes within a couple weekends for close to nothing. So, as such, I am not looking for basic, entry-level or old stuff. I am interested in surf casting and would like a rig for that.


        Faux bois - always interested in concrete faux bois, interesting old fountains (not too big) and concrete yard animals. Anything that looks like concrete wood - planters, benches, bird baths, etc.


        Furniture - Though always looking, it is hard to describe my specific tastes and have consequently scaled back this section. Would like a George Smith kilim sofa.


        Americana - So broad that it is difficult to describe what I am looking for but primarily 20th century American artifacts. Particularly the hand made, folk-y, machine oriented, motorcycle/airplane/hot rod oriented. Less interested in Boston and New England furniture. More interested in handmade, well made items. Not rusty primitives, per se. Trench art. The best stuff can't be explained, it is known when seen and not before. 



        Watches-  I would like a Seiko 6105 diver. Also, other Seikos of similar aesthetic and era. I have had a Omega Speedmaster moon watch for 15 years, but I don't know a ton about watches. It is a pretty dang deep ocean of knowledge. Would like a Rolex and who wouldn't? Would like a couple men's Swatches in nutty colors and a couple G-Shocks - especially a white one.


        Paintings and Art -  Always buying art, paintings, photographs. Even more difficult to describe particular interests than the Americana section. Animals, plein air, paintings of California/West/National Parks/desert, forest fires, scientific matters, portraits, WPA/machines. It seems ridiculous to saw landscapes and still lives, but, I buy those. Don't buy most. Buy some. The good ones. Not the bad ones. A not uncommon sentiment, I suppose, "I buy what I like." I am going to end this before embarrassing myself further and move on the clarity of a sought after set of binoculars. 


        Canon 7x17 FC binoculars - roof prism design


        Vintage Clothing -  pre-1990 t-shirts, denim, Cowachin sweaters, old Western, camping/hunting, biker club colors, early university shirts/sweaters "wanna buy a duck? 23 skidoo" style, Pendleton clothing and blankets, old Abercrombie & Fitch, LL Bean, Red Wing, motorcycle and hot rod clothing, old work/miner clothing. Early skateboard/surf clothing - Val Surf, OP, Lightning Bolt, Sims, Kryptonics, Vision, Peralta.


        Laboratory, industrial, military furniture and accessories - this could include incubators, workbenches, cabinets, desks, interesting microscopes.


        Kerr's Sport Shop, Beverly Hills - Kerr's was a passion of my youth and I would be interested in seeing photos of Kerr's, brochures, catalogs, gun lists, etc. as well as buying Kerr's products. As previously mentioned, my Hunter S. Thompson style patchwork jacket is from Kerr's.


        Early California - Tile, furniture from Coronado, Imperial and Monterey, old paintings of California, old California flags, Spanish revival style furniture, wrought iron, lighting, etc.


        American, 20th century quartersawn oak or redwood - lumber or complete furniture

        Commes des Garcons shirt - New, large. This exact shirt or very similar.



        Donald Judd Furniture: Retrospective


        British Campaign Furniture, Elegance Under Canvas, 1740-1914


        Kem Weber: the moderne in southern California 1920 through 1941: [Exhibition at] the Art Galleries, University of California, Santa  Barbara, February 11 to March 23, 1969


        End of Living Beginning of Survival, Dash Snow


        French Scenic Wallpaper by Odile Nouvel-Kammerer


        La Siesta Press - I have about 30 books from La Siesta, but I am always interested in filling the blanks. These sell for peanuts on the used market, usual places.


        Naturalist books - old books about mammals, reptiles, amphibians, plants or biology. I am looking for old books with beautiful plates to save from being split and sold.


        Freedamn, Rin Tanaka books

        Recent find - I am buying this sort of low level stuff, just to learn and enjoy.
        A gold tone Timex in Navajo setting - that's the sort of person I have become.
        Native American - I have a new fascination with Native American artifacts, particularly Navajo and Hopi blankets and textiles. Also, old serapes. Also, Cowichan sweaters. 12 months into it, I still don't know squat. Another deep ocean of knowledge. I am buying inexpensive stuff as I find it. Just learning.

        Gambone pottery - Primary interest is in animals, esp. the outward lying colorful lions as seen above.



        Inactively seeking, meaning, it has got to be rather inexpensive:

        Reverse painted lamps, lamp bases


        Fossils and petrified wood


        Vintage Hermes scarves


        Steiff - mohair, less interested in teddy bears than other animals. Must be older.


        Automatic knives




        Air Guns - European


        Curta calculators


        Zeiss, Lietz, Canon Binoculars


        French-style espalier citrus trees or topiary citrus or olive tree, in container


        Automotive altimeter


        Stewart Warner automotive gauges with old wings logo and bubble glass lens

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