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Spare Engine in Hatch of Race Rabbit

The engine in the Race Rabbit is a purported to be a 1.8, while the 'spare' engine in the hatch is a 1.7. The current engine is believed to be stock, while the spare appears to have some porting and polishing of the intake and exhaust ports. Unfortunately, it appears water went through the velocity stacks, into the intake ports, past the valves into at least a few of the...

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Pro Miyata

In 1985, the yen was 240 to the US dollar. In 1988 it was down to 120 to the dollar and the Japanese bicycle manufacturers collapsed. Japanese bicycles reached a pinnacle of refinement right before the collapse of the yen and represented a great compared to the best of Europe. The Pro Miyata was near the very top. More here.      

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1983 Rabbit Race Car

  Important to take first day pics as the first 4 hours with a new project car ownership are the most gratifying. The above photo is actually day -1, as it is from Robin's one day LA-Reno-LA collection hustle. Anybody know anything about this car, Sierra Autosport, Sterling Racing Engines, Bill Behr or any other Reno Nevada SCCA GT-3 or IMSA RS details of the period? I know zero history...

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Volkswagen Engine B6210993

Our man Seth of King City rescued a half dozen backyard VW engines and for less than the price of an average trip to the grocery store, I was able to pick my favorite and bring it home. According to internet, a B6 is a 1970 1600cc dual relief single port 47bhp engine but this engines was upgraded to dual port at some time. Turns by hand and the alternator...

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