Wanted: Torq Thrust D for Porsche 911

From Samba for sale post 2005
Preliminary: October 2017
I am seeking a set of American Racing Torq Thrust D mag wheels for my 1971 Porsche 911T. Ideally, I am looking for 15", but would consider any size as long as they have the Porsche bolt pattern and deep offset. I would also be interested in the Daisy pattern American Racing wheels. And, if there were knock-offs at the time, I would love to learn about those. In fact, let's just get broad, I am interested in just about any Porsche aftermarket mag wheel from the 1960's on. Broad enough?

I have been collecting information about Torq Thrust D wheels online but information is only as good as the source. I am merely compiling everything I have learned and hope to one day be an expert on the subject.

As I grew up in California in the 1970's, the Torq Thrust D is the iconic street racer wheel for me. One day, I would like to have a 1963-67 C2 Corvette, but for now, I would love to have a set on my 911 to bring together two (somewhat) disparate interests. Many people think the American Racing wheels are ugly on Porsches and I understand that it is a somewhat muscular, incongruous look.


Wheels came in 15" x  5", 15" x 5.5", 15" x 6" and 15" x 7". They probably were available in other sizes as well.


4 3/4"

Lug Pattern

5 x 130MM

Wheels Marked American Racing

According to cornpanzer on the Early 911 forums, Torq Thrust D's were never marked on the back.

Aluminum or Magnesium

The early wheels were made from magnesium. The later wheels were aluminum.



Four preceding photos posted by 67porsche911s on Early 911 forums.

Wheels came with his 1967 Porsche 911s


According to cornpanzer on Early 911 forums, only the 7" had the five eared center cap that screwed into the wheel. The narrower sizes were a push in style cap.

According to rolly on Early 911 forums, he has a set of of 15" x  7"s that are not tapped for the screw in style 5-eared cap. Cornpanzer suggest that the ears on the mag wheel were ground off for a clean look.

Torq Thrust Copies

I have yet to see one.

VW / Porsche 356 Wide 6 (5 x 205) American Racing Wheels

Photo from Early 911 Forums - Posted by cornpanzer
The rarest of the rare.