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Used Bicycles 6 Items total

Although we endeavor to maintain a comprehensive used bicycle inventory on our entertaining internet presence, the dynamic nature of Coco's Variety often means that there are bikes on the legendary long line of bikes that are not listed online and there may be bikes listed online that have already been sold.

It is not that we are lazy do-nothings, but in a weekend we might sell 15 bikes and that sort of turnover is difficult to keep up-to-date.  Also, we are constantly working on the 3-10 'next up' bikes that are in the process being refurbished. Quite often, those bikes are eagle-eyed by customers and they affix their name to call when a particular bike is done.

All that said, there is no replacing a trip to Coco's Variety to dig the scene.

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Inventory Updated September 16th, 2020 at 4:50 PM.  Everything shown here is available.

For latest store Covid-19 operating hours and procedures. 

Used bike inventory is low and will likely remain fairly low during the pandemic. Difficult for us to source used bikes and we are so busy with essential repairs that we have limited time to refurbish used bikes. 

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