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Favorite Screwdriver


As it is somewhat of junk drawer type of tool, it became increasingly difficult to source a high quality 6-in-1 screwdriver. This is the perfect screwdriver for the glovebox, pencil cup and toolbox. When I am venturing from the toolbox to the project, I always grab the 6-in-1 as it is the most versatile tool for whatever fastener presents itself. The screwdrivers with a dozen bits are too fussy and I invariably lose a bit leaving me feeling bad for the remaining siblings. The 6-in-1 is more direct, more compact and the bits can be changed with one hand.


There are two versions wherein one says COCO'S VARIETY and the other says NOT RICH JUST RAD.


6-in-1 - The ubiquitous orange handled Harbor Freight grade interchangeables are only 4-in-1s. Not so with the Coco's 6-in-1. When the bits are removed, the shank functions as a nut driver.

Bits - Industrial grade tool steel that is hardened. 3/16" and 5/16" flat head reversible bit and a #1/#2 Phillips bit.

Nutdriver - With the bit removed, the shaft functions as a 1/4" and 5/16" nutsetter. PERFECT for stainless hose clamps.

Made in the USA

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