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Salsa Journeyman 650b Drop-Bar Sora with Carbon Fork


As of September 9th, we have three of these bikes.

We have one Blue, as seen:

  • 57 CM - 5' 11" - 6' 2"

To my mind, the Salsa Journeyman with Sora and the carbon fork is the place to be at $1199. Does what you need without being so precious that you need to worry about scratching it on mesquite branches. I think this version is the best example of a true off-road bike (big tires) and still able to be a serious commuter (drop bars.)

From Salsa:

Journeyman Sora 650 offers a great mix of speed and comfort for a variety of missions. The wider tires allow you to ride with ease on rough terrain with good traction and stability. The Shimano Sora drivetrain provides speed and efficiency both on and off the road.

More at Salsa

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