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Used Bianchi Cortina with Topeak Rack and Topeak MTX Rear Basket


Extremely clean Bianchi Cortina hybrid. These are now an eyewatering $800 new - thanks supply chain and Trump Tariffs.

Arrived in great condition but had a bent derailleur hanger as it most have been knocked in the garage. The hanger wouldn't bend back in an elegant way and was getting soft so Angel replaced it. That work alone with be $60 plus it needed a wheel true and a tune-up - all baked into the price.

Currently, as seen, comes with a Topeak rear rack and a Topeak MTX rear basket. The basket slides in and our of the rack easily to take in the store or to leave at home on a fitness ride.

The rack, basket and water bottle cage retail at about $120. If you don't want these items, we will knock $50 off the price and sell it separately or put on another bike.

21"  or 54 CM
Size Range 5' 7" - 5' 11"
$650 without rack, basket, bottle cage

type: BICYCLE by: Bianchi
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