Coco's Refurbs are Identified by a Color Tag System

Even our comparatively minimal Red Tag builds are better than 90% of the used bikes on the market. We use name brand components like Jagwire prestretched stainless cables and lined housing, Cane Creek brake pads, KMC or SRAM chains, Planet Bike saddles, VP (Victor) and Wellgo pedals, Kenda tubes, Kenda/Continental/Panaracer/CST tires and Shimano/SRAM Shifters. True, we are not building with all new Campy, but we are building with commuting grade components that are economical enough to build great, modestly priced bikes.



Red Tag Bikes are the lowest level of refurb at Coco's Variety. Typically, these are entry level bike store-grade bikes (not big box) that were in solid condition, requiring minimal work to get them rideable. Since we haven't stripped them down, we can not warranty them but they are safe and cheap.

Often, they get a new tubes sometimes a new chain. Perhaps a used saddle, new grips and brake pads. Whatever they need to solid riders, though perhaps a little ugly.

Typical bikes would be hybrids or mountain bikes that originally sold in the $350-450 range and we sell them for $200-250.

Red tags are the most rare bikes on the line up for a number of reasons:

  • They sell quickly, as they are our cheapest bikes
  • Hard to find entry level bikes that aren't thrashed
  • Hard to find bikes that are cheap enough to sell for $200 after a $60 tune up, cleaning, some new tubes and incidentals
Though they have been tuned up and safety checked, they should still be considered projects that will need more work sooner than later.


Blue Tag Bikes are the most common refurbs at Coco's. These are very robust refurbishment projects requiring lots of labor and parts. Blue Tags have a 30 day warranty. 

Every bike is different, so what we do varies according to the bike. If it is a near new road bike that has been ridden under 100 miles, we may just tune it up, replace the tubes and bar tape. If is a Japanese road bike that hasn't been ridden in 20 years, it gets the full treatment.

Typically, Blue Tag would include:

  • strip off all cables, housing, bar tape, grips, tubes, tires, rim strips, brake pads and chain
  • clean and wax the frame, put derailleurs in ultrasonic cleaner, repack the bottom bracket, headset or hubs as necessary, de-grease and flush shifters, put cassette in ultrasonic cleaner, remove/clean/lube seat post, polish chrome and aluminum
  • true or replace the wheels, replace rims strip, replace tubes, install new tires, re-lube derailleurs, install new brake pads, recable entire bike with  new cables and housing, install new saddle, install new chain and pedals, install new grips or bar tape, replace anything that is broken or worn
  • rebuild and tune

We don't list everything that we have done on the blog or our online listings as it would be so laborious we would never get any bikes done. Come in and we can tell you on a case by case what was done.

Built to be commuter grade, these are solid bikes. Typical bikes would be rigid mountain bikes on slicks or Japanese road bikes in the $300-$450 range. Could also be a higher end, recent road bike that could be in the $500 and up range.



Green Tag Bikes are comparatively rare. The full Green Tag build is generally reserved for bikes that are a little more special insofar as they were more expensive at the time or have a collector value.

They are stripped to bare frame, derailleurs disassembled, many bearings repacked, etc. Everything that the blue tag gets, plus more. Generally, we will use an even higher grade of tire on Green Tags.

For example, right now there are only two Green Tags in the line up. An early $400 Gary Fisher built as a city bike with Pasela Panaracer tires and a $600 mostly original 1983 Stumpjumper Sport with an Albatross-style bar and dirt drop style Uno stem.

Green Tag bikes have a one year warranty.



Yellow Tag indicates a brand new bicycle. Coco's is an authorized dealer for Linus and Bianchi. We also sell Torkers, but only a single model, the entry level city/commuter road bike, known as the Interurban. 

New bikes have full manufacturer warranty, which is a 1 year warranty plus a 5 year frame warranty. Coco's warranty extends to any labor, tuning or adjustment needed in the first year.



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