Knife Sharpening Event at Coco's Variety

On December 3, 2017, Michael of Accurate Edge Knife Sharpening will bring his mobile knife sharpening rig to Coco's Variety. We are doing this as a kind service and have no stake in the financial aspects of the event.

We are already busy, so please help us by following our guidelines on knife sharpening service.

Michael will be here on Sunday December 3rd from 10:00AM - 2:00PM.

On December 1st and 2nd, you can bring your knives to Coco's Variety in a cardboard box marked with your name, number of knives and phone number on the box. Please wrap your knives individually in sturdy paper or cloth, like a Trader Joe's paper bag paper.

We will give you claim check for your knives and will call you when they are done on December 3rd.

You can pay us directly or pay Michael, if he is here at time of pick-up. If you are paying Coco's with a credit card, we will add a 5% service charge.

Coco's is merely a facilitator.

For prices, types of knives/tools sharpened and services offered, we refer you to Michael's excellent Accurate Edge website or you can email him at

Accurate Edge on Yelp.

Why are we doing this? I used Michael's knife sharpening services a year ago and was very happy with the price and the service. I believe, that the best money spent is maintaining quality assets. I believe in supporting a quality business like Michael's that is providing a meaningful service to Southern California.