Recommended Services & Sources

We are often asked, personally and professionally, for recommendations for professional services and sources. We are interested if you know of stand out services and sources, but we will probably not list unsolicited referrals if we don't know you. I love my mother, but I wouldn't trust her opinion on power tool repair shops.

As a point of disclosure, many of the merchants listed below are my friends, usually as a result of my being a patron of their business. A disclosure, as it is worth mentioning, but frankly, it is harder to become my friend than to become my plumber, thus, I believe the personal relationship speaks volumes. That said, bad plumbers have friends, so I will have to ask the kind reader to trust that I could never be friends with a bad plumber.

Many of these recommendations are professional services for professionals. As such, as an amateur, their manner or customer service style may not be like a visit to Nordstrom - and what a boring world it would be if everything was like Nordstrom.

Should you tell them that I sent you? If you plan on being gracious and kind, go right ahead. Some will know who I am, some won't.

This document was inspired by Ooga Booga's excellent art printing resource page.


Books - Used

Alias East

3163 Glendale Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90039

My favorite place to buy and sell used books in Los Angeles. Lovely, clean, well-stocked. An excellent place to browse and find stuff that you didn't know was out there. Fair purchasing, with a little extra for credit. Tell Patrick I sent you.

Car Repair - Alignment and Tires

Western Tire

801 S. Victory Blvd, Burbank, CA 91502

My favorite tire store is so good that I don't ever shop for better prices or order tires online. The advice is part of the price.


Car Repair - Brake Relining/Cylinder Rebuild

Valley Friction

11817 Sherman Way, North Hollywood, CA 91605

Not cheap, but who else relines brake shoes? Also, instead of working from a parts catalog, they will hone and rebuild wheel cylinders with generic parts. No big deal if you have a new BMW, but if you have a Renault it is a blessing.


Car Repair - Carburetor

BFIC Fuel Systems

1617 W Magnolia Blvd., Burbank, CA 91506

Best carb shop. If the reduced venturi size of your 235 carb on your 271 is keeping you awake at night, this is the place to find peace.


Car Repair - Collision Body Work

City of Stars Collision Center

4751 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90029

Following a hit and run, the rear end of my Jetta wagon was repaired quickly, competently and the paint was actually better finished than the original paint. All VW parts, including glass.


Car Repair - Classic Car Metal Work 

Birdz Garage, Quartz Hill

Jason ‘Bird’  Cell 661-547-1012

Especially for metal replacement and rust repair on Volkswagens and Porsches. Tell him I sent you and tell him that I said it wouldn’t be cheap. This is when you need it done right. 


Car Repair - Radiator Repair

Burbank Radiator


Air conditioning, radiator and gas tank repair. Not many shops that will solder patches and pressure test old rusty gas tanks. Not fast. 


Deli - Italian

Monte Carlo

3103 W Magnolia Blvd., Burbank, CA 91505

Monte Carlo is the best. The restaurant next door is not amazing, but the deli is super solid.

Electronics Repair - Challenging Communication

GSH Electronics

8823 Fenwick Street, Sunland, CA 91040

Impossible to find and even harder to communicate. From the street it looks like a house and the door says hospice care. If you are bold enough to enter, inside the front door to the right is Gerry’s tidy workshop. If you speak Armenian, you are in luck while the rest of us will point and gesture. You leave your item and his daughter calls you in a day or three with an estimate and it will be repaired soon after. Gerry has repaired a Nakamichi tape deck, a computer power supply and a Harmon Kardon tube amp for me. A very rare repair shop as he will also repair your Kitchenaid mixer, coffee pot, toaster and Roomba.


Electronics Repair - Long Time Line

Brian Fox is a deeply knowledgeable electronics engineer and started the Homeboy Electronics Repair and Recycle facility. He repaired my Nakamichi Dragon - took ordering parts from Eastern Europe and 5 hours of labor. Your best choice for high end and complex electronics. 

4-8 Weeks Average

Email to with “Repair” in subject line

Always include make, model and symptons


Gas Tank Lining - Motorcycle

Gas Tank Lining

6909 Farmdale Avenue Unit A, North Hollywood, CA 91605

Our highest recommendation for the superior work and consummate professionalism of GTL.


Gas Tank Repairs - Auto

Burbank Radiator

1011 Magnolia Blvd. Burbank, CA 91506

The only place that I know of in LA that will boil out a gas tank, braze on patches and pressure test for a reasonable price.


Ice Cream

Fosselman's Ice Cream

1824 W. Main St., Alhambra, CA 91801

Fosselman's Ice Cream has been making their own ice cream for nearly 100 years. As opposed to the boutique ice cream makers that out-clever themselves with novelty flavors like Malted Ziptie and Dishwater Chip, Fosselman's does it right with sundaes and novelty clown cones. Fun and closer than you think.



Don't currently have a locksmith that I can recommend.



Pacific Coast Powdercoating

1817 Avenue Q Suite C-1, Palmdale, CA 93550

Hard to imagine that a powdercoater is worth driving to Palmdale for, but they are. Communication can be difficult, time lines long and, if you don’t hear from them, call to see if your project is ready. 


Plumber - Residential

Marriott and Daughters Plumbing


John is the best. 


Plumber - Rooter

MS Rooter

(323) 264-1298

Mario is a fastidious individual. A nice attribute in a rooter service man. Also, tenacious. One coin laundry job required 3 different rooters before the issue was resolved.


Plumbing - Supplies

Kenny's Plumbing Center

2101 W Magnolia Blvd., Burbank, CA 91506

Excellent repair advice, very willing to special order and they are great at seeing an issue holistically and helping you assemble a solution.


Power Tool Repair

Tool Shack

229 S Glendale Ave., Glendale, CA 91205

I have only used them once, but in landscape of vanishing tool repair shops, I found it to be a solid experience.


Records, Tapes and CDs

Jacknife Records and Tapes

3149 Glendale Avenue, Atwater Village, CA 90039

Trevor is a good friend and runs an interesting store.



Thomas Rug Cleaning invoice - Beyond my recommendation, this should allay remaining doubt.


Rug Cleaning and Repairs - Area

Thomas Rug Cleaning

3000 Riverside Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90039

The best. The building was actually built to be a rug cleaning factory. There is a huge scrubbing area that is slanted towards drains and the entire second floor is massive gas fired heater. Great guys. I always really enjoy going. Are they the cheapest? Don't know, don't care. The price feels fair and the work is first rate. They will pick up, but there is a 20% discount if you bring the rug to them.


Safe Moving, Cracking and Repair

Richardson Safe and Vault

(800) 540-5551 (In California), (661) 251-2366 (Nationwide)

Mercifully, I have only had to have a 3200 lb safe moved once, so my experience is based on the one time. Exceptional. A deep expert. Hard to imagine a more competent service


Upholstery - Furniture

I don't have an upholsterer at this time.


Sliverlake Wine

2395 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90039

The best. Respectful of a modest budget. You can drink pretty well here for $15 a bottle and really well for $25. Interesting spirits. Willing to special order. Kind and gracious service.