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UPDATE: As of June 23, we have one purple woom 2 in stock. We are expecting more 2s, 3s, 4s and 5s soon and we will post on instagram @cocosvariety when we get them.


woom sells to very few retailers. Coco's Variety Bike and Prop is proud to be the Los Angeles authorized reseller of used and new wooms. They selected us as they appreciate our dedication to generational bikes - meaning that they are handed down or traded in to serve many families over the bikes long life. 

Lightweight and Just for Kids. When it comes to the needs of a child, a woom bike is unmatched.  85% of woom bike parts are individually developed and produced exclusively for woom. woom bikes are tailor-made for the child's anatomy and needs.

Breakthroughs in Bike Design. With never-ending development and research, woom have succeeded in making the bike 40% lighter than a conventional children's bike.  This makes woom one of the lightest children's bike in the world.

$59 Up-Cycle For $59, woom guarantees they will buy your woom back at 40% of retail. There are conditions, like has to be less than 2 years old and in rideable condition. We can offer you the same deal as woom without having to ship bikes back and forth.

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