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Lakeside Plastics

Budweiser Bubble Face Clydesdale Sign for Tavern - 6 Feet Long

Budweiser Bubble Face Clydesdale Sign for Tavern - 6 Feet Long

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Not currently in the store, but could be with a couple days notice.

This best, rarest, biggest of the Budweiser Clydesdale signs.

Acrylic bubble is very, very close to NOS/Mint.

It is complete in every respect. Everything is there. The cases of Bud on the wagon are often faded, but these are super bright and clear. The cases from the back of the wagon are a little faded.

There are no cracks or issues. The white floor under the Clydesdales has NO CRACKS. This is often cracked from the heat of the bulb.

I replaced the bulb and starter and it lights up bright and beautiful. Switch works. Original cord. I replaced the ball chain on the switch.

Lantern is there. Reins are there. The chain has slipped out of the eyelet on the back of the wagon, but it is all there and correct.

I believe this is the original from 1968. The contact paper around the bubble is lifted at corners and has some staining (shown). The lifted contact paper is the worst thing about this sign and it is a minor, easily remedied issue.

Made by Lakeside Plastics - same company that made the lit motion signs for Hamm's.

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